What Services Are Provided at Jupiter Counseling’s Addiction Treatment Facility?

The Jupiter Counseling addiction treatment facility is here to make sure you get the help that you need to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. When you’re researching your options for treatment, make sure to ask yourself, “What services are provided at Jupiter Counseling’s addiction treatment facility?” We are sure you will be pleased with the answer to that question, since we provide all the services you need in order to get clean and start out on a path of healing and wellness.
Some of the services we offer in our addiction treatment facility include:

  • A resources page. We are pleased to work with many different groups such as AA and NA to help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. On our website and in our addiction treatment facility, we provide you with resources to access any help you need in your quest to support you and help you find healing.
  • Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment. Sometimes people have the impression that “addiction treatment” means going away to a residential center for 28 days or more. That isn’t always the case. Outpatient treatment, which allows a client to find healing in their own homes, schools, and places of employment, provides all the support and accountability someone seeking help for an addiction requires. According to many scientific studies, outpatient addiction treatment offers the best treatment at the best value, and is not as expensive as other kinds of treatment.
  • Individual counseling. It’s important to work with a counselor to get to know yourself, and to know the ways in which you’re at risk for addiction or relapse. Working with an individual counselor can help you find better ways to deal with stress, pain, or anger than using drugs or drinking. Part of addiction treatment is getting to know yourself better.
  • Group counseling. It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re struggling with an addiction, but Jupiter Counseling offers group counseling to help you feel less alone. Here you’ll meet people who have been where you are, who can offer you ideas for dealing with things that come up in the course of overcoming your addiction, and who will hold you accountable for remaining true to your own recovery process.
  • Men’s and women’s groups. Sometimes it’s easier for people to be honest about their feelings in a single-gender group. It’s also true that addiction issues are different for women and for men, and offering both women’s and men’s group therapy helps all our clients focus on the issues that pertain directly to them.
  • Family counseling. Since addiction affects not only you, but those closest to you as well, it stands to reason that you all have to learn how to live a new, healthy life. Our addiction counselors can help you discover how to live as a family unit, free from the patterns that addiction formed.
  • Assessments. Through a series of tests added to long experience in addiction counseling, we can assess whether your loved one suffers from an addiction or some other debilitating condition.
  • Dual diagnosis. Many people start using drugs or alcohol because they are self-medicating the feelings that come from other conditions. We can help you find the root of your feelings and to treat them appropriately, rather than with harmful substances.

This is only a sample of the extensive services provided at Jupiter Counseling’s addiction treatment facility. To learn more about what we can do for you, please visit us here.

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