The Signs of Substance Abuse and Treatment in Jupiter FL

Recognizing the signs of substance abuse and treatment in Jupiter FL can provide the key to taking the first step to recovery. Talk with a trained counselor, like one of the staff at Jupiter Counseling, to learn how to recognize the signs.

Recognizing the Signs of Substance Abuse and Treatment in Jupiter FL

Sudden behavior changes – mood swings, withdrawing from those around you or a loss of interest in things of importance can all be clues that there is an addiction in control.

Physical changes – shaking hands, watery eyes and a change in skin tone can show that substances are being abused. Addiction can also cause a change in eating habits or unexplained weight fluctuations.

Drug specific changes - different substances cause issues. Marijuana leaves a sweet scent on others. Alcohol can cause a person to become clumsy. Depressants can have some of the same effects as alcohol without the smell associated. Stimulants can cause hyperactivity. Knowing the addictive substance can be helpful in addressing that addiction.

The first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem. Knowing the signs of addiction can be vital to making a plan for recovery. Learning the signs of substance abuse can help with treatment in Jupiter FL. Call now for help or more information.

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