The Ideals Behind Drug Addiction Treatment

There are over 13000 drug addiction treatment centers in the United States, which equals roughly 3 or 4 per county. That means that there are enough people suffering from drug addiction to keep that many drug addiction treatment centers operating successfully. Why do these centers stay open year after year? What do they have to offer people struggling with drug addiction?
What are the ideals behind drug addiction treatment?

  • Conviction. Every person whose life touches drug addiction treatment in some sense, whether they’re the client, the client’s family, a counselor, or a judge who ordered treatment, believes that a person can get better. Addiction isn’t a lifelong sentence of slavery to your substances; with help and treatment, an addicted person can find recovery. So many people feel this conviction so strongly that they staff those 13000 drug addiction treatment centers or attend them as clients.
  • Compassion. People who need drug addiction treatment get a lot of judgment, but there are those who truly understand that an addicted person is suffering. Counselors go into drug treatment counseling because they don’t want people to continue to suffer; they want to relive people’s pain. Even other clients will empathize with what you’ve been through and support you in doing better.
  • Encouragement. Few things are more meaningful than someone saying, “Well done,” or “I know you can do this,” at just the right time. Drug treatment centers may make you work hard, but they will also help you every step of the way and provide you with the encouragement and resources you need to succeed.
  • Judgment. Of course, nobody is judging the clients, but a good drug addiction treatment center staff will offer you the wisdom of their experience and training so that you can exercise better judgment in your own life. And of course, some judgments need to be made. It’s a judgment to say that a life of addiction is harmful, but a life of sobriety is healthy—but you already believe that or you wouldn’t be in drug addiction treatment.
  • Courage. Everyone involved in the drug addiction treatment process shows immense courage. The client shows courage by admitting he or she needs help and then telling someone about their problem. The family shows courage by supporting the client through the recovery process even if they’ve been hurt by that person’s addiction. Even counselors show courage by giving a hundred percent to every client, knowing that many will make it, but some may relapse. It takes courage from everyone to enter the treatment and recovery process.
  • Accountability. A final important ideal of the drug addiction treatment process is accountability. An addicted person is helped to take full responsibility for his or her actions, including making amends, asking for forgiveness, and financial restitution. Part of recovery is owning up to one’s own choices, and the drug addiction treatment process helps people do that.
  • Hope. This is the belief that life offers more than just addiction and the messes it creates. The damage done to your body, mind, and relationships don’t necessarily have to win out over your life. You can find healing, recovery, and a better, happier life.
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