Jupiter Counseling and Our Family Support Group

One of the most effective tools for treating drug and alcohol addiction in Jupiter, Florida, is Jupiter Counseling and our Family Support Group. At Jupiter Counseling, we understand that addiction doesn’t just affect the person with the addiction. It affects the people they love and most of the people they come into contact with. In fact, one of the reasons we hear most often for people to enter drug addiction treatment is because they know they are hurting their family. The family support group at Jupiter Counseling is one way we help not just people with addictions, but whole families, to heal.

What is Family Therapy?

The idea behind family therapy as part of an addiction treatment plan is that a family is a system, and the individuals within it are interconnected—each person’s actions affect all the other members of the system. Because of that, if one part of the system is changed, all the other parts have to change, too. So when one person enters rehab and changes his or her life, the life of the whole family is going to change as well. Family support groups are designed to help families manage that change and to find their strengths as a family system, so that they can move together into a new future that builds on those strengths.

Family Support Groups at Jupiter Counseling

At Jupiter Counseling, we help your family build this future through family therapy and family support groups. Family therapy can take place over several sessions during the time of the client’s addiction treatment program, and is usually scheduled soon after the addicted person is admitted into the outpatient program. In family therapy, the client and his or her family meets with the client’s primary therapist to discuss the family patterns that were damaged by the addiction and to create new patterns that bring about health and happiness.

Family support groups at Jupiter Counseling are usually geared toward the parents, older children, spouses or partners, and siblings of a person with an addiction. In these groups, families learn from each other that almost all families of those with addictions fall into the same behaviors, and they learn to give those harmful behaviors names so that they can identify and change them. Families of recovering addicts can help each other learn to change in good ways by sharing things that have worked for them. Most importantly, families will learn that others have been where they are, and they are not setting out on this journey alone.

Jupiter Counseling and Our Family Support Group

Jupiter Counseling is committed to recovery, healing, and health—not just for a person with a drug or alcohol addiction, but for whole families. Contact Jupiter Counseling today to get your whole family on the road to a better future.

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