Can outpatient treatment for drug addiction jumpstart a long term recovery?

There is a belief out there that outpatient treatments for drug addiction can jumpstart long term recovery, and we here at Jupiter Counseling want to tell you it’s a FACT!  The Transformation program is one of the best outpatient programs out there that allows the client the ability to be employed while they receive treatment.

Transformations offers day or evening classes/programs to accommodate your new, healthy life of sobriety !  We believe that the treatment that works best for you is going to be the one with the least interruptions to your everyday life. The easier it is for you to follow your 12 steps and continue the counseling and addiction treatment, the more likely you are to continue it  and be successful with it !  Clients who experience this program are provided with individual counseling during the treatment phase of your recovery process.

Transformations also offers family counseling because we believe in the family system, and recognise your need for a strong, healthy support system and education for everyone involved with your addiction disorder or substance abuse disorder. This doesn’t just affect you, but everyone that you’re in contact with, and we understand that sometimes we need a little help reaching out.  Changing the family dance of denial and increasing the awareness and understanding of your illness will help make your walk along the road of sobriety so much more fulfilling mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

` Transformations at Jupiter Counseling is also pleased to be able to offer a woman only group, a men’s only group, and a co-ed group for the intensive outpatient therapy sessions, with each  outpatient group meeting 3 days a week for 3 hours per session. We really hope that you’ll give us a call today at 561.575.2020 and let us be your helping hand to sobriety, or you can reach us on the web at Jupiter Counseling.

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