What Can I Expect from an Outpatient Treatment Center

Making the right decision about the recovery program may start by knowing what I can expect from an outpatient treatment center. Sitting down with a trained recovery specialist, like one of the counselors from Jupiter Counseling, can help me to understand the process. The more I learn about recovery, the better my choices will be for overcoming my addiction.

Learning What I Can Expect from an Outpatient Treatment Center

- Outpatient treatment will provide more availability for remaining in my current employment. I can meet with a recovery counselor and work out a schedule that will keep me on the job.

- I will also have the opportunity to be with my family. Outpatient treatment centers give me the option of staying in the home. There will also be the availability of family counseling to help begin healing any wounds that may have been created because of the addiction.

- The financial commitment for outpatient treatment will be lower than inpatient. I will be able to eat meals at home (or by my own schedule) and I will not have the additional expense involved with accommodations for an inpatient program.

There are many different directions for the recovery process. Learning what I can expect from an outpatient treatment center can help me make the right choice for my needs.

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